We are one of the leading providers of online learning for the APC. A full programme of ‘live’ webcasts covering practical subjects such as the Case Study, the Presentation and the Interview are available as well as a comprehensive range of technical subjects such as Valuation, Landlord & Tenant, RICS Rules of Conduct, Agency and Property Management.

Practical Webcasts Date   Technical Webcasts  Date  
The Case Study 11.01.21 Sign Up Valuation 1 25.01.21 Sign Up
Practical Guide to the Final Assessment 18.01.21 Sign Up Valuation 2 01.02.21 Sign Up
The Presentation 01.03.21 Sign Up Valuation 3 08.02.21 Sign Up
Review of Referral Reports 12.04.21 Sign Up Landlord & Tenant 1 15.02.21 Sign Up
Revision Blitz 19.04.21 Sign Up Landlord & Tenant 2 22.02.21 Sign Up
      Landlord & Tenant 3 08.03.21 Sign Up
      Purchase & Sale 17.03.21 Sign Up
      Leasing & Letting 22.03.21 Sign Up
      Property Management 29.03.21 Sign Up
      Development Appraisal 05.04.21 Sign Up
      RICS Rules of Conduct   Sign Up
      Inspection 21.04.21 Sign Up
      Measurement 26.04.21 Sign Up
      Sustainability 28.04.21 Sign Up